1 Way PR's Press Release Distribution Service

Our affordable press release distribution service, which has served the Entertainment industry (music, publishing) for over 20 years, also assists traditional businesses and organizations in getting news about their related products, services, and events faster to thousands of USA television stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines at four different geographical levels that include; citywide, statewide, regionally, and nationally.

Our service also saves an incredible amount of valuable time, money, and effort because once it is approved, the press release goes out to all media contacts at the same time, and oftentimes, generating immediate response from some media sources.

In other words, there is no need for you to take long extended (and tiring) days trying to locate and plow through exhaustive databases of media contacts on your own (and, often duplicating your efforts in the process) in order to get news out about your business, product, service, or works.

Additionally, with using our service's affordability, you can permanently eliminate any concerns and fears of losing tons of money that is often the case when using most promotion and publicity services that are, primarily, too expensive to afford and maintain ongoing marketing campaigns.

With our affordability, you will instead find that you will be able to promote and publicize more often, more extensively, and more consistently.


The rates for our press release distribution services are only:

  • $  25 for distribution in your city's metropolitan area

  • $  50 for distribution throughout your home state

  • $  75 for distribution throughout your region (includes your home state plus 9 additional states in your region)

  • $100 for national distribution across the United States

    Again, all rates include distribution to; television stations, radio stations, daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, and magazines.

    Additionally, upon conclusion of our distributing your press release, you will be provided a list of all media that have been sent your press release via an Excel spreadsheet.

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    P. S. And if you do not have a press release, our service also includes creating a press release for you at no additional charge.

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    Video Production & Editing Services


    Want to impress and excite your website visitors and buyers? Then, why not have us produce a television ad that can run on your local television stations or a web video ad that will enhance your site visitors' experience even further that will help them learn even more about your business while they are on your site? As a production example, please watch the below basic and simple 1-minute video.

    Click Here to see more of our various video formats.

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    Radio Ad Production Services

    We also produce radio advertisements that you can run on your local radio stations or place on your website. A simple 30-second radio "voiceover" ad rate starts at only $25 while a simple 30-second video ad starts at only $50. To learn more about our affordable radio, video, and web advertisement production services that also include custom voiceovers, please click here. Contact us for more information at: drkl@1waypr.com.

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    Payments for 1 Way Public Relations' services are easily made through PayPal (www.paypal.com), and our special PayPal email address to use at the PayPal website is info@abanamusic.com.