Clients' & Readers' Testimonials

In addition to my being a musician and recording artist for over 30 years, I have also served the Music industry as an international radio promoter, video promoter, and media publicist for over 20 years, representing hundreds of artists (musicians, writers, filmmakers) worldwide. I also published the "B# Newsletter" (music marketing newsletter) for 10 years as well that maintained over 2,000 musician subscribers.

You may view a few of my humorous Music industry Fiction writings at this link.

Onward, below are a number of comments and testimonials from my musician clients, my newsletter and article readers, and other individuals whom have experienced my successful results for their music careers personally and firsthand.

"Hi Kenny !! Thanks for being on our show today - you are awesome and so knowledgeable about so many things --- We will certainly have you on again, soon!!! Many blessings!!"
- Carmen (and da boyz!!)/"Band Talk"

"I would highly recommend Kenny Love to any Indie artist who has quality product to promote and publicize. Kenny Love is knowledgeable, thorough, committed and highly skilled in the art of guerilla publicity and shameless promotion. He will create a buffer level so that it will not be perceived that you are promoting yourself. If you want to take the next step in your career, Ken Love is the one for you!"
- Plunky (Bill Cosby's saxophonist from "The Cosby Show")

"Dr. Love, You and your press release have captured the essence of what Za'Nae is all about most excellent. We appreciate all your are doing for us."
Yancy Johnson, CEO/GentleGiant Productions

"Thank you Dr. Kenneth Love! You are Awesome! Thanks for all you do to bring our show to another level. It is greatly appreciated! Can hardly wait to have you start your own segment on the NIaCOM Express. It is doing greater than before with your assistance from the PR work that you've done."
- Michael Johnson, Host/Producer (NIACOM)

"I listened to some of your stuff, and really enjoyed! good job man!"
- András Homoki

"wow! great! you're an artist! i've just listened to your music. wonderful to hear. a combination of rock and jazz.. Thank you sir!"
- Kenneth Halasan

"I am honoured by your friend request...Thank you..."
- Mary Wilson

"Very cool image man! (CD Cover Photo) How'd you come up with the idea?"
- Jake Dennis

"I’m thanking YOU, Dr. Kenneth Love. Your articles are razor sharp on target every time. I love reading them. I’m glad they’re getting publicized."
- Brian Knight

"I enjoyed reading your article, thanks. Great insight."
- Marilyn Blue

"Thanks for sharing. It was interesting reading your ideas and opinions."
- Artists Recording Collective LLC

- Stayc Bermudez

"Hi, are a great musician! I just read your biography and it's amazing!"
- Samuel Omilig

"Dear Dr. Love, I can see the improvement you have made. The press release is more focused, more trim, and more useful to interviewers. You really know your stuff! Thank you so much for your assistance with this. I'm encouraged by what may come out of it in terms of interviews and such. Thank you again."
- Naomi Rose/Rose Press Publishing

"Wow! That is amazing! Thank you!" (referencing our fast speed of press release transmission)
- Pamela Burke, Consultant/Grant Writer

" I like the way you write and think about the music industry. I look forward to reading more of your work."
- Eugene Ray

"Hello Dr. Great Job! Thanks so much."
- Gerard Cole, Manager/Voices Of Glory

"Dr. Love, I had never really heard much about music pools or record pools until I viewed your video on that subject. Thanks again for your tips."
- Joe Ross, Moderator (NW Bluegrass)

"Dear Kenny,

I've been reading your articles on and off for the past few years and I want to thank you for those articles, it helped me produce and release my first independent CD entitled 'Selah'.

- Sharon Musgrave

"Great cover art...LOL" (CD Cover Photo)
- Professor Kevin Bumpers

"Heya, Dr Love!


I just checked out your music! I'm a blues player from Australia coming up in the Australian Music Scene. I honestly thought you were one of those fake posters for a bit on my page hence why I asked to check out your music...LOVE your music! I'm a huge Jazz fan. Cool beat to it. I am about to start experimenting with a brass section to my band Good times!"

- Joel Sulman

"Kenny Love's B# Newsletter is the only ezine I read regularly from cover-to-cover (metaphorically speaking) and I eagerly recommend it to my classical and jazz friends and students."

- Dr. Amy Bauer, Univ. of CA @ Irvine

"Mr. Love, thanks so much for calling attention to your B# Newsletter!"
- Professor Phyllis Young, University of Texas (School of Music)

"Great article, Dr. Interesting and fun to read."
- Matthew MacArthur

"Hi, Kenny...this is a great job! You got the radio promotion and the distribution hookup."

- Randy Powell
Kicksta Music Group

"Hi Kenny, many thanks for all the efforts you're making. Your work is very much appreciated by my band and label also. Absolutely amazing! You're the wizard of video promotion."

- Alessia Mattalia

"Hi Kenny, Thank you for all your submissions. I will have them up on the site shortly. These are all so interesting, as always."

- Julie Johnson, Publisher
Grave Concerns Ezine

"Kenny, thanks 4 being my friend! Hey peeps, this man knows the biz!"
- Dove Starr

"What can't I say about Kenny Love? He is absolutely amazing! It's truly an honor and privilege to be working with him on my first CD as a leader."
- Winston Byrd (lead trumpeter for Jazz impresario T. S. Monk)

"Hey Kenny:

I'm impressed by your blogs. It seems you and I feel exactly the same way about the DIY movement and it's potential..."
- John

"Ken, thanks for your help in making for the success of my CD and my career."
- Ronald Turner

"Kenny Love, I love your page! Your creativity expresses a lot of individuality. Love to you."

- Nicole Hart

"Thank you so much for taking the time to write back. You are awesome Kenny."
- Dave Connelly

"Mr. Love, I applaud what you are doing."
- Jonathan Greenberg, UCLA Dept. of Musicology
ECHO: A music-centered journal

"Kenny, just wanted to thank you for contributing to All Access Magazine. I love your articles, and the last one I have in the bucket is, Oh, How I Love Sax!, which will be up May 15th. Thanks again, and keep 'em coming. Our readers also love them, and I hope they are creating you a BIG BUZZ!"
Debra Stocker, Editor
- All Access Magazine

"Thank you, Kenny, for all. This is a wonderful and very useful letter! Thanks for some very helpful advice."
- Edith Buczek

"We here at the Music Biz Academy are big fans of Kenny Love's articles and writings."

- David Nevue, President

"Great inspirational comments Kenny. Thank you."
- Buddy Cariker

"Thanks so much for writing. I've so enjoyed your emails with which I've tried to read as many of your newsletters as I have had time for. Here's wishing you all the success."
- Kenny Giordano

"Hi Kenny! My name's Jon Finn and guitarist who lives up in Boston. I just wanted to introduce myself. I read your post about your articles and they looked interesting. Looks like you're doing a lot!"
- Jon Finn

"I see you got some real good set of articles that would fit and be read nicely in my group."
- Dale


I found you by reading a comment you wrote on someone else's page and thought this man has something real to say. Looking at your site really opened my eyes and made me feel this was no accident me finding you. You have so much to offer it isn't even funny.

There is a lot of reading for me to do from your site. I am going to read in-depth the things you have to offer as I feel the laws of attraction put you in front of me for a reason and I don't take things like this lightly.

It's nice to meet you too.

- Teddy Pantelas