Dr. Kenneth Love's Literary Works

As a writer/author, Dr. Kenneth Love presents his literary works as a; novelist, columnist, video scriptwriter, poet, composer, lyricist, short story writer, and playwright. His writings include:

"Millennium Eve" (novel)

"Yesterday, We Had Tomorrow" (poetry)

"The Case of the Great CD Cover Mystery" (humor)

"The Case Of The Non Singing Singer" (humor)

"Oh, How I Love Sax!" (humor)

"10 Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Me On Stage (As A Performing Musician)"
(confession not necessarily good for the soul)

"And You Think Your Band Is Broke?" (humor)

"Things I DON'T Need!" (humor)

"Things Kids Should Not Fear (But May Do)" (tearful humor)

"Wedding Kiss" (short story)

"Notice To Dinner Guests" (compliance memo)

New "Take A Chance" Airline (New & *Very* Bad!)

"Church House Blues" (excerpt from our upcoming stage play)

"To Sleep, I Dread" (short story)

"Jalapeno Peppers" (painful, and I do mean PAINFUL humor!)

"Why They Are Called Jalapeno Peppers" (this humor, not nearly so painful)

"Posterity" (I use sparingly and for medicinal purposes only...weekly)

"Rocking Chairs" (stage play)

"A New Way Of Looking At Things" (humor)

"3 UnDeniable Truths Of Life" (observational)

"Transing Out Versus Tripping Out" (observational)

"This And That" (humor)

"Party Of 1" (subjective)

"Home Town Ghost" (spiritual)

"Joe" (70 X 7 Forgiveness)

"An Unnamed War" (perspective)

"Atheists" (instructional)

"Walking Away Without A Scratch" (reflective)

"Moving While Standing Still" (perspective)

"On A Lone Hilll" (ponderance)

"Where Do Babies Come From?" (humor)

"Night Bow" (my new comic book superhero)

"Leaving This World" (perspective)

"The REAL Reason to NOT Drive Without Auto Insurance" (revelation)

"The Maid" (TV Pilot Excerpt - Science Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller)

"Train Wreck" (Summation)

"Parenting Similarity" (A Brief Generational Comparative Analysis)

"Burgers, Fries, & More" (Introspective)

"Some Of My Best Friends Are..." (reflective)

"Gunfight At The Not-So-OK Corral" (perspective)

"Ignite Your True Light" (reflective)

"When Ya Comin' Back, Lord?" (query)

"Testify At Your Own (Health) Risk" (advisory)

"Why Church Visitation Isn't Nearly As Popular As It Once Was" (humor...maybe...)

"Major Health Tip" (humor)

BREAKING NEWS: 57-Year-Old Houston Man Convicted Of First Degree RAP (humor)

Why I Stopped Watching Chinese Martial Arts Movies (humor)

"Gettin' Up Outa Here!" (reflective perspective)