Dr. Kenneth Love

Voiceover Background

As someone who has served in the positions of; U. S. Army sergeant, police officer, and correctional officer, my voice can present as authoritative and professional, as well as present as playful and comical based on my extensive dual career in the entertainment industry as a musician, recording artist, vocalist, composer, lyricist, and with over 30 years as a recording studio producer. Please review my work in the Music industry at this link.

Likewise, I have served in the following radio industry capacities; program producer, program scriptwriter, program host, program co-host. As such, I can assist with idea conceptualization as well as original script creation, script editing, and sound production.

Since 2009, I have produced voiceovers for various aspects of professional ventures in which I have been involved.

Additionally, with my being a script writer, copywriter and author (multiple genres in both Fiction and Non Fiction), I have the distinction of understanding characterization, narrative, and scripting as these elements relate to serving as convincing tools to achieve desired audience response and results. You may review more information regarding my writing projects at this link.

Radio Ad Production Services

We produce radio advertisements that you can place on your local radio stations or place on your websites. A basic 15-second radio "voiceover" commercial starts at only $25, while a basic 30-second radio "voiceover" commercial starts at only $50. Contact us for more information at: drklinfo@gmail.com.

NOTE: We also produce and edit video commercials, starting at only $50. Review our video samples here.

Promo Clips

* Below, are a number of our sample voiceover links for your review: *

Christy Love Designs (Audio)

Christy Love Designs (Video)

Music Ad Spot

Intro Promo

KuPaa Ad Spot

4 Character Voice Samples

Seasons Of Change Ad Spot

WJAB 90.9 FM Radio Ad Spot

SmoothJazz.com Radio Ad Spot

"Wedding Kiss" (audio short story)

"NIACOM Radio Network" (Drop 1)

"NIACOM Radio Network" (Drop 2)

"NIACOM Radio Network" (Drop 3)

BBF 2013 Youth Event Announcement

"NIACOM Radio Network" (Drop w/Effect)

"NIACOM's Chippy and John (Promo Audio Clip)"

"Mask Man" (NIACOM Radio Crime Fighter) - (Video)


Child Protection PSA Video

Education & Testimonials

I also have a 20-plus year background as an international radio/video promoter and media publicist, having represented hundreds of creative artists worldwide, such as musicians, recording artists, writers, authors, and filmmakers.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education, and Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Business Marketing.

As testaments to my work ethic, long-term experience, and results as a promoter, publicist, and marketer, please review a number of my past clients' and readers' testimonials at this link.


Payments for 1 Way Public Relations' services are made (in advance) through PayPal (www.paypal.com). Our special PayPal email address to use at the PayPal website is info@abanamusic.com.

Contact Info:

Dr. Kenneth Love